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Board of Directors
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We are grateful to have a strong leadership team that is dedicated to providing a pathway for family medicine physicians to learn and teach scholarly activity and EBM concepts.

 Officers/Committee Chairs

President: Paul Crawford, MD - Nellis FMR 

Chairman/Vice President of Publications: Tim Mott, MD, FAAFP - Florida State University College of Medicine 

Founder: Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH - The University Of Chicago

Vice President of Membership: Kate Rowland, MD, MS - Rush Copley FPRP

Vice President of Education/Incoming PURLs Editor-in-Chief: Corey Lyon, DO - University of Colorado

Vice President of Nominations: Michelle Roett, MD, MPH, FAAFP - Georgetown University

Vice President of Finance: Warren Newton, MD, MPH - University of North Carolina

Founding Member Representative: Linda Montgomery, MD, FAAFP - University of  Colorado

Founding Member Representative: Frank Degruy III, MD, MSFM - University of Colorado

Founding Member Representative: Laura Morris MD - University of Missouri

Founding Member Representative: James Stevermer MD, MSPH - University of Missouri

Founding Member Representative: Nancy Stevens MD, MPH - University of Washington 

Founding Member Representative: Mark Beard MD- University of Washington 

Founding Member Representative: Jonas Lee, MD - University of Wisconsin 

Founding Member Representative: Bruin Rugge MD, MPH - Oregon Health and Sciences University

Founding Member Representative: Anne Mounsey MD - University of North Carolina 

Organizational Member Representative: Alan LeBato MD - Lake Charles Memorial Hospital 

Organizational Member Representative: Stephen Wilson MD - UMPC St. Magaret FMRP

Organizational Member Representative: Doug Maurer DO, MPH, FAAFP - FMR at Fort Lewis Madigan Army 

STFM Liaison: Mike Geurin, MD, FAAFP

FMEC Liaison: Jennifer Sparks, MD

AAFP Liaison: Joane Baumer

ADFM Liaison: Warren Newton, MD, MPH

Family Physicians Inquiries Network

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Columbia, MO 65203

Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST
Tel: (573) 256 - 2066
Fax: (573) 256 - 2078