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FPIN is now requiring an individualized log in and password for all FPIN users. If your program sent in a profile list, instructions were sent on how to log in with the credentials that were provided. If your program did not provide a profile list in advance, please self register and create a profile. If you have any questions regarding the log in process, please email membership@fpin.org. Thank you!

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July 2017

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Member spotlight

 "Within 2 years of joining FPIN and following our writing workshop, both residents and  faculty at the Gwinnett Family Medicine Residency Program Georgia have enhanced  their skills in critically appraising available evidence on management of medical  conditions and applying this to provide excellence in patient care. There is the added  bonus of translating and utilizing this skill to meet our scholarly activity requirements.  I  truly believe joining the Family Practice Inquiries Network is a transformational  experience for any program looking to meet these goals."

 Amimi Osayande, MD 

 Gwinnett Family Medicine Residency Program - Georgia

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