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In light of the recent, indiscriminate Executive Order on January 27th regarding immigration that will impact the primary care workforce, the FPIN Board of Directors voted that it was important we make a statement on behalf of our community. Historically, FPIN has not had a traditional advocacy arm.  Our position is not political.  However, we do feel compelled to share the unintended impacts that this Executive Order will have on our work, which is very personal to many of our immigrant colleagues and to many of us working in medical education.  We invite and encourage all of our members to read the letter HERE.


LuShawna Romeo

Executive Director

FPIN – Family Physicians Inquiries Network



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March 2017

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“At the University of Missouri, we have believed in FPIN from the start.  We promote FPIN writing projects as an exercise in scholarly writing and critical thinking for students, residents, and faculty.  Learners at all of these different stages work together to learn how to ask and answer questions using the best available evidence—essential skills for the practice of modern medicine.  No one else in Family Medicine is doing the work that FPIN does to link clinical knowledge and scholarship in a way that is feasible for family doctors.”

Laura Morris, MD, MSPH 

University of Missouri - Columbia

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